limpandazure asked:
What are your plans to help citizens, residing in states refusing to or dragging their feet to expanding medicaid, who are too far below the poverty line for federal ACA subsidies access the medical coverage they so much looked forward to throughout all the trials and tribulations of passing the ACA?
We answered:

We asked Christen Young from our Domestic Policy Council team - here’s what she had to say:

States are refusing to expand Medicaid are leaving 5.4 million of their own citizens in the cold. Republicans governors in states like Ohio, Nevada, and Arizona are expanding Medicaid, and we will continue to team up with local officials on behalf of Americans living in states that are neglecting to provide health coverage to their low-income citizens. The President has made clear that while he knows not everyone supports this law, we can all work together to support helping our citizens who can’t get coverage.