Tumblr Tuesday: Tumblr Goes to Washington 

The White House
We’re going to the White House today to talk to President Obama about the cost of education, and we’re bringing a bunch of you with us. Among you: 

Kelly Brown’s tips on being a real life adult: Step 1: Get a key ring. Step 2: Visit the President of the United States of America. 

I, Too, Am Harvard
A photo campaign based on a play based on interviews with black students at Harvard College that were based on a very real and very empowering way of fighting back against racism on campus.

Adventures in Learning
A teacher who is publicly asking the fundamental question, “Why we educate.” Sometimes the answer is, “To conduct improv theater about mean princesses.”  

David Karp
Here’s a guy whose mom is very excited for the President on this occasion.

White House photo by wbeem

People of Tumblr, we’re excited to meet you!

And a reminder that you — yes, you! — can watch the event live on at 4 p.m. ET.