Hi Guys!

Today, I’m headed down to the White House to participate in the live Q&A the President will be doing with Tumblr about the importance of making college more affordable for current students, graduates and their families and the new executive actions he announced on Monday to ease the burden of college debt for millions of Americans.

David Karp will be interviewing the the President, using questions from the Tumblr community. The event will stream live today at 4pm ET on the White House Tumblr.

Above are some of the charts from a newly released White House report which show … pretty much what I’m sure you all already know. The current system is, shall we say, imperfect. There is a lot of work to be done. Hopefully, today is illuminating and gives us reason to be optimistic. 

I’ll post any other charts I come across here, document the trip on my personal Tumblr (so as not to spam those who are uninterested with non-charty content here) and will be live-Tweeting the event and attendant mischief at /ilovecharts. I’ll see you there!

Hugs and hand-pounds,