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For her second chart today, White House economist Betsey Stevenson breaks down how women now make up the majority of college students. Follow along → I Love Charts.


Next up, let’s talk about college: Women now make up the majority of college and graduate students. Nice work!

Since the mid-1990s:

  1. A greater share of young women have obtained four-year college degrees than men.
  2. The share of young women enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate study has increased.
  3. Most 18 to 34 year-old students are enrolled in undergraduate programs, and the percent enrolled in graduate school has gone way up.

Today, the share of young women enrolled in graduate school is more than 25% higher than the share of men. Learn more about how President Obama’s fighting to make college more affordable for women (and men).

Higher education is the most important investment you can make in your future. But it’s also never been more expensive. That’s why President Obama has pushed for historic investments to make college more affordable.

It’s also why we’re so excited to announce that President Obama will hold his first-ever Tumblr Q&A on Tuesday on education and college affordability — moderated by Tumblr’s founder/CEO David Karp. Here. At the White House.

Here’s how you can get involved: Ask your questions on @ObamaIRL, and on Tuesday, President Obama will answer a bunch.

Tuesday, June 10th. President Obama. Tumblr. Here at the White House. IRL.